Re-launch of the Ready2Net Project Call for Applicants

  11:17, 13 Feb 20

In July 2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa invited SMEs to apply for participation in the pilot project Ready2Net. The aim of the pilot project is to assist European SMEs to develop, further expand or improve their international business by creating SME networks aimed at enhancing SME's capacity to exploit foreign markets for export purposes.

CCI Vratsa is a partner in this project, within a consortium of five business organisations from Italy, Spain, Poland, Latvia, and Bulgaria with Lear Partner InnovhubSSI srl, Italy.

The project lasts 24 months, from March 1st 2019 to March 1st 2021.


Ready2Net Project aims at creating max 10 Networks for Export, based on the following specific sectors and sub-sectors:

  1. Textile: Silk/polyester and viscose materials; cotton fabrics; leather
  2. Textile machinery: Machines and processes in silk/polyester and viscose materials; cotton fabrics; leather
  3. Advanced manufacturing: Industry 4.0 value-chain, including robotics, mechatronics, industrial sensors, IOT, 3D printing, AI, augmented reality, predictive maintenance
  4. Food: Organic and high quality food products
  5. Interior Design: Including designers and producers of furniture and home decorations
  6. Bioeconomy: Intelligent green packaging; value from waste products

Each Network for Export will be composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 SMEs, coming from at least three different EU countries.

The Networks for export can be shaped in the following two models: Complementarity/Vertical model along the production and value chain (for sectors 1, 2, 3) and a Traditional model (for sectors 4, 5, 6). Textile and Textile machinery Networks will follow the complementarity model, where the companies are able to cover all steps of the production chain and serve all types of clients.

Within the deadline for project application we have 9 approved networks. For the formation of the last (tenth) network, the Call for applicants is now re-launched. In this regard, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa invites again all potential participants to register in the platform. The invitation is open to SMEs from all the above mentioned sectors.

The project rules do not exclude networks created by SMEs which have been already cooperating in the past (e.g. distributor, producer and supplier which know each other and currently cooperate).

The participation to Ready2Net project is free of charge and a financial support of max € 25.000,00 will be provided to cover the eligible costs incurred to implement the operations of the Network for Export.

The beneficiary SMEs will benefit from:

  • Set-up of a Network for Export that will strengthen the export capacity of participant SMEs
  • A 2-days training programme taking place in Milan to enhance SMEs’ export capacity. The training will be focused on every aspect relevant of the internationalisation process
  • A distance coaching to elaborate and finalize an Action Plan of the Network, including a budget. The Action plan will define the internationalisation strategy of the network for export in max 2 foreign markets
  • The implementation  of internationalisation activities, as detailed in the Action Plan, e.g.
    • development of a common brand,
    • participation to conferences, brokerage events, international exhibitions,
    • partner research,
    • recruitment of experts (export manager, technical experts for technological transfer),
    • subscription to relevant e-commerce platforms;
    • development of common projects to increase sales and/or international visibility,
  • any other relevant activity for the purpose of the network for export.
  • Tailor made Enterprise Europe Network internationalization services, e.g. market information, IPR information, partner research, brokerage events and company missions.


The application process consists of 3 steps:

  1. SME individual application through the project website: using the APPLY NOW button. SME should fill in the online form as well as fill in and attach the supporting documents. Evaluation will be completed within 10 days of application.

Deadline for individual application is 19th February 2020.

  1. SME completes its online profile and searches for other approved SMEs to form a network.
  2. The Network submits its Project proposal for approval. If approved, there follows signing of agreement with the project and implementing the Action Plan.

Deadline for submission of the Project proposal is 29th February 2020.

For more information, please visit the project website where you can find the Call for applicants and all relevant details concerning the project.


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