Final Conference and Preject partner meeting on 2REVIVE Second Chance Entrepreneurship Project

  14:55, 19 Dec 19

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa participated in the Final Conference and partners meeting on the 2REVIVE - Second Chance for Entrepreneurship project, which took place on December 12 and 13, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

The conference featured the various intellectual products created by the project. Leading partner at Avsi polska presented a Research on behavioral attitudes towards second-chance entrepreneurship. The survey aims to identify both individual, personal and societal attitudes in the partner countries towards the second chance of success in entrepreneurship and how they influence the behavior of people wishing to start a business venture after an initial failure.

In the second presentation, participants were introduced to an online self-assessment tool designed to help entrepreneurs who are planning a re-startup to identify their strengths and weaknesses in 7 categories, considered to be pillars of managing and maintaining a successful business. Through the self-assessment test, participants will have the opportunity to understand and reflect on the reasons for their failure and to educate themselves for a more successful future.

The partners from Informo, Croatia and In Dialogue, the Netherlands, have presented the Guide4Mentoring that aims to be a practical guide that can be used in many ways. If the mentor needs specific information, he or she can go to the relevant part of the document to obtain the information he or she needs.

The Fourth Intellectual Outcome, The Second Chance for Entrepreneurship Success Handbook, presented by the European Commission, Bulgaria and Prism, Italy. The guide provides unsuccessful entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they lacked when first trying to start a business. The guide provides instructions for re-starting a business, tips for writing a business plan, tools for stimulating business, and more.

The final partnership meeting of the project took place on December 13th. It opened with an overview of the planned program by the host and lead partner Avsi Polska. The next day, according to the program, we started by opening the meeting and discussing administrative and financial issues with our lead partner, Avsi Polska. Each of the partners presented the results of the project implementation in the fourth project period in their country.

The European Quality Center, responsible for Activity 2, presented the quality of management with an eye on relevant reports and updates.

As a partner responsible for Activity 3 - Dissemination and Operation of the project, the CCI Vratsa team presented the project activity results to all partners for the overall implementation of the dissemination activities described in the partners' separate reports.

The work ended with organizational questions on the upcoming final reporting of the project.

The 2REVIVE project is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects only the views of the author, CCI-Vratsa and the Commission is not responsible for how the information contained therein can be used.