Validation Workshops of QualiTour Project

  16:58, 26 Aug 15

 “Quality Management for Sustainable Tourism” - QualiTour is a two-year project dedicated to improving the qualification of the people employed in the tourism industry. The project is aimed at developing a specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the area of sustainable tourism in accordance with the principles of lifelong learning. The tool will develop and improve the skills and competences of participants related to tourism, thus promoting the development of sustainable, responsible and high quality tourism.

The products developed within the QualiTour project timeframe are:

Blended-Learning Tool

Skill Assessment Tool

Project Guide

Tutorial Program

QualiTour project manuals


The aforementioned products are the results of the joint efforts of the QualiTour project consortium which consists of 7 organisations from 5 countries – Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Poland and Portugal.


To learn more about the project and how you can make use of its results, you are welcome to attend the QualiTour validation workshop which will be held on the 1st of October, 2015, 13:30 EET in Vratsa, Bulgaria. During the event the QualiTour project will be presented as well as all products developed within the project duration. All guests will have the chance to see how the QualiTour Blended-learning tool works and to receive the entire set of products and promotional materials developed during the project completely for free!


For further information you can visit the QualiTour project website: or get in touch with the QualiTour project team via e-mail:; , subject: QualiTour: Validation Workshop.


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