PROJECT FUNDED BY Creative Europe Programme (CREA-CULT-2022-COOP)

Project name: GELATOn the ROAD

Project’s acronym: GELATOn the ROAD

Programme: Creative Europe Programme (CREA-CULT-2022-COOP)

Duration: 36 months: 01.04.2023 – 31.03.2026

We are pleased to present the GELATOn the ROAD project, officially launched on April 1st, which creates the first European Road of Gelato aimed at promoting and preserving local cultural heritage and identity. The project includes 12 different EU countries (Italy, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria) and 14 European organizations: Longarone Fiere (Lead partner), Venetian Cluster, Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Western Greece, Uniteis e.V., The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovscina, Dignan Ecomususeum, European Training and Research Institute, Cloud Computing Business Association of Catalonia, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Vratsa, DomSpain and two associate partners: Parco Dolomiti Friuliane and Council of Europe – Venice office.

The European Road of Gelato will include the main sites linked to gelato production and culture, starting from the project partners, but they will be ready to be expanded with more subjects and sites around the EU. It will be recognizable thanks to dedicated maps and itineraries, a corporate image and identity reported.

The project is based on the criteria of environmental sustainability, product and raw material quality and innovation in the gelato supply chain system. The art of making gelato is passed down from generation to generation, incorporating local ingredients and culinary traditions. This is a step towards raising awareness of gelato's cultural significance and encouraging a deeper appreciation of its rich history and a lasting legacy.

Additionally, gelato not only transcends generational boundaries, but also serves as a means to promote a broader understanding of food culture while celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship that are essential components of the gelato making process. Through a defined protocol and concrete actions, this project involves the stakeholders of the production chain (material and machine manufacturing companies, gelato product innovators) and involves adult and young customers through the European Route of Gelato.

Contact: Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vratsa

Svetlana Borisova, Maya Milova

Tel: +359 92 66 02 73 / +359 92 66 02 71