EpilepsyPOWER - Epilepsy People inclusion Overcoming Workplaces European maRginalization

Name of the project:

Epilepsy People inclusion Overcoming Workplaces European maRginalization

Acronym of the project:         



Erasmus+, KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Main Funder: IT02 - Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ - INDIRE

Agreement No: 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000028349


36 months (01.02.2022 – 31.01.2025)    




expertise: Higher education institution, 4 Departments - Economics and Finance, Business and Management, Political Science and Law.

2. emcra GmbH, Berlin (Germany): www.emcra.eu

expertise: European Union, Education & Training, Project Management, Organisational Development.

3. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, Vratsa (Bulgaria): www.cci-vratsa.org

expertise: Non-governmental organisation that serves small and medium-sized enterprises in Northwest Bulgaria.

4. UNIVERSITA CAMPUS BIO MEDICO DI ROMA, Rome (Italy): www.unicampus.it

expertise: private academic institution, devoted to undergraduate and postgraduate education, advanced research and provision of high-quality healthcare services.

5. Epilepsy Alliance Europe, Dublin (Ireland): www.epilepsyallianceeurope.org

expertise: A legal entity, registered in Europe, which represents both the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE).

6. GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT, Grenoble (France): www.grenoble-em.com

expertise: Higher education institution, a leading actor in the field of MTI.

Associated Partners: LICE - the Italian League Against epilepsy and the Directorate-General for Health Prevention of the Italian Ministry of Health. They will revise the final results of the project and contribute to dissemination.

Main Objective: The ambitious objectives of EpilepsyPOWER project aim at improving people with epilepsy (PwE) opportunities of inclusion in job market. The final objective is to increase the number of people engaged in relevant corporate social responsibility epilepsy-friendly initiatives; to spread a culture and a practice for the implementation of inclusion systems for epilepsy people, based on the enhancement and valorization of their abilities; support universities, companies, micro and small enterprises in inclusion improvement.

Target group:

  • Target group 1: People with epilepsy (PwE)
  • Target group 2: Higher education institutions’ staff and end-users: professors, university staff, placement officers, students, entrepreneurs/managers attending MBA/Executive courses, adult people employed in organisations, recruiters, HR experts and recruitment agencies

Main project results:

PR1: Operational framework and learning methodology - a methodological document guiding the

development of PR2, PR3 and PR4. Its development will be preceded by knowledge transfer, literature review and target groups survey.

PR2: Integrated online platform for digital integrated learning, multilevel cooperation and resources sharing - innovative and integrated web platform with an attractive design and available in all partners’ languages and a user-friendly project website. The information collected and stored within the platform will be organised with a focus to: allow the retrieval of information (by metadata) about the documents stored e.g., source, date, country, revision, contents, etc.; allow differentiated accesses to EpilepsyPOWER information to Partners, their networks, target groups and stakeholders.

PR3: Collaborative labs for best practices – their aim is to arrange specific discussion and working labs (onsite and online) to involve the staff of the Partners with the target groups and main stakeholders of EpilepsyPOWER project. Participants will evaluate and discuss PwE needs about their employability with a particular focus on work placement opportunities, safety in workplace and communication with employer/co-workers as emerged by previous project results and by the labs.

PR4: Learning contents and classroom guidelines – its main aim is to ensure a successful sectorial and country transmission by a cross-cultural approach. A preliminary analysis of the first version of the learning materials will be done during the "Collaborative labs for best practices" with invited target groups in each Partners' country. All the learning products developed during the EpilepsyPOWER project will be freely available online via the open access platform for everyone to use. This will be further facilitated by the fact that the 14 modules will be published online in 5 languages (EN, IT, DE, FR, BG).

PR5: Assessment online tool and epilepsy label – Considering that the project learning modules, available in each path, will be designed and organised with a sequential logic, each participant should pass the specific module test to access to the next learning module of one of each learning path. The EpilepsyPOWER Certificate of Achievement is the final document that will certify the full completion of each learning path provided by the online platform. For organisations the responsible that will participate to the online assessment will receive the EpilepsyPOWER label that will be possible to use in own communication initiatives and on own University or company website.


The expected impact of EpilepsyPOWER target groups is a change in the system so that the involvement of companies with PwE will be not left to the spontaneous initiative of a few positive organisations, but it will become a praxis incentivised by training activities able to help academic and business organisations to catch opportunities and advantages as well as to manage issues in a simple way.