ECHOES (Eco-design for Construction of Habitat Optimising Energy for Sustainability)

ECHOES (Eco-design for Construction of Habitat Optimising Energy for Sustainability) - EEN/SPA/12/ECO333002-ECHOES

Project duration: 21 months /01.04.2013-31.12.2014/
Lead Partner: Stiftelsen Europa Institutet – Vasteras, Sweden
  • Valencian Institute for small and medium sized companies – Valencia, Spain
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa – Vratsa, Bulgaria
  • Federation of Industries of Northern Greece – Thessaloniki, Greece
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry – London, United Kingdom
  • Innovation Center Iceland – Reykjavik, Iceland
About the project:
For all kinds of life, we need energy, water, air and different kinds of material. The sun is the engine that recycles the flow of energy, water, air and material without any waste products. In nature, there are no waste products. When a tree dies, a process of decomposition begins. This process creates the conditions for new life.
Eco-design is an approach to design of a product with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. If we think of waste products as an opportunity, we can start to find solutions that close the loop between production, consumption and decomposition
The ECHOES project is a cooperation between business support organizations from six different countries, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain.
All organizations are members of the Enterprise Europe Network.
ECHOES will focus on manufacturers of Sustainable Constructions and more specific manufacturers. This is a large sector and could target products like windows, doors, isolation, heating, walls, roof landscaping, flooring, chimneys and ICT panels just to name a few.
Project activities:
  • Preparatory study on Eco-design in sustainable construction in all project countries;
  • Identification, conception and use of eco-design tools;
  • Training on eco-design for environmental experts in the project;
  • Training on eco-design for EEN members and consortium members;
  • Organization of awareness raising activities for SMEs;
  • Matchmaking event for companies in sustainable construction;
  • Provision of specialized individual consultations to local SMEs, trainings, audits;
  • Popularization of the project;
Project website:
With the help of eco-design experts we offer individualized advisory services to SMEs within the target sector, free of charge.
Are you an SME? Are you a manufacturer working with sustainable constructions? Are you interested in eco-design?
Contact us:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa
tel: 092/660271, 660273
Iliana Philipova, Stanislava Trifonova, Miglena Asenova
ECHOES (Eco-design for Construction of Habitat Optimising Energy for Sustainability)