About us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa was established in the autumn of year 1991 by a general constituting assembly. It was registered with Vratsa District Court of Justice on 17.11.1991. In 2001 it was re-registered under the Law on non-profit legal persons in public interest. It has started its effective operation in the end of year 1991. The Chamber of managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members. Since September 1999 the CCI-Vratsa has become the Host structure of the Euro Info Centre BG808. Since July 2002 it has become the Host structure of Vratsa branch of the National Centre for Vocational Training. The CCI-Vratsa is based on the principles of voluntary participation and membership, autonomy and self-financing. It works in close cooperation with local authorities and other non-government organizations as well as with NGOs, CCIs and business support structures from abroad. The structure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, with its regional offices established in the towns of Lom, Berkovitsa, and Botevgrad comprises more than 1000 companies - both private and state owned.

Our main goals are:

To support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of our members
To stimulate export
To enhance companies' entering the European Markets
To work to increase the corporate culture and competitiveness of local companies
To promote and attract foreign investments for the region and local SMEs
To acquaint the local authorities with the standpoint of our members
To encourage and support start-up of new business
To assist the local Labor Office and encourage companies to open new working places
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