PRO-ACT - partnership, development and training for active communication between the third sector and the public administration
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"PRO-ACT – Partnership, development and training for active communication between the third sector and the public administration"

The project is realized in accordance with Contract No. 08-23-306-C/27.08.08 with the financial support of Operational Programme "Administrative capacity", co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Vratsa (Leading organisation)
District Administration Vratsa

Start date: 01.09.2008

Duration: 12 months

For twelve months the Chamber will work for supporting the improvement of employees’ qualification in the structures of civil society and public administration from the North-West Planning Region in view of providing more effective services to citizens and business and supporting the sustainable economic growth in the region. Through the future activities, the project will stimulate the establishment of effective and long-term co-operation between the public administration and civil society structures from the North-West Planning Region, improving their interaction in applying regional, national and European policies at regional level as well as creating feedback mechanisms and interaction practices between the non-profit sector and the administration.

The project provides module trainings on the following subjects:

  • Financial issues related to NGO – financial management, audit and resources control – learning the principles of the financial management and control; accounting; audit process;

  • Presentation and communication skills, time management and priorities setting;

  • Conflict management techniques, persuasion and negotiation skills

  • Ethical and professional standards of co-operation between the civil society structures and the administration.

Training in Italy is going to be conducted for introducing the participants into the mechanisms of co-operation between the business organisations and public authorities in delivering services to clients. After the end of the trainings, the training materials will be systematized and published in a NGO Guide which will be available not only to the beneficiaries of the project but to the project’s website as well.

An e-Catalogue and hard copy of it will be made which will grant access of the target groups to the information resources of CCI Vratsa. The hard copy of the catalogue will be bilingual (Bulgarian and English) and will contain update information about the business climate in the region, civil sector, addresses and administration contacts, presentation of the Municipalities in Vratsa District.

The Library database to be developed during the project implementation will grant access of NGOs and Public administration to the information resources of CCI Vratsa and will help for consolidation of the institutional and organizational capacity of these two groups through knowledge sharing.

The study visit in Italy aims to introduce the good practices of dialogue and co-operation between public authorities and NGOs in an old EU Member state. Italy is known as a country with well organized and active regions which could be a rich source of information and good practices for the project partners. The good practice transfer will be a response to the request of the partner – District Administration – Vratsa to get familiar with the experience of the Italian regions in delegation of rights and functions from the Central authority. Acquired knowledge and impressions will be shared with the society during a Roundtable "Partnership between NGO and the Public administration – good practices in Italy and opportunities for their applying in Bulgaria".


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